School Counselor

at Church Hill Elementary

The mission of the guidance counselor is to assist each student toward optimal health, personal, interpersonal, academic, and career development in order that the student may complete an appropriate educational program and become a contributing member of society.

About Ms. Spada

PBIS / Anti-Bullying


Appropriate student behavior is essential to an effective learning climate and is the responsibility of students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Students have the responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that facilitates learning. They must understand school expectations, make every effort to uphold them, and recognize that those in authority have the responsibility for maintaining the orderly process of education. Parents help by reinforcing good behavior standards at home and by communicating regularly with their child’s teacher.
CHES participates in the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) program, which is a set of behavioral expectations. At CHES, our Cubs ROAR! This stands for the goals of: Respect, Ownership, Attitude, and Responsibility.

We believe that:

  • All children can learn, behave and succeed.
  • Teachers have a right to teach.
  • Students have a right to learn.
  • Teachers’ needs in the classroom have to be met.
  • Students’ needs in the classroom have to be met.
  • Each staff member is responsible for all students.

Cubs ROAR!


  • Listen
  • Use good manners
  • Use kind words


  • Complete all assignments
  • Be prepared


  • Be positive
  • Always do your best
  • Ask for help when needed


  • Follow directions first time given
  • Tell an adult if there is a problem
  • Keep hands and feet to self


Throughout our school building – classrooms, bathrooms, and cafeteria – the four goals of Respect, Ownership, Attitude, and Responsibility are monitored. These goals are exhibited through listening, sharing, sitting quietly, paying attention, participating, following directions, using kind words, and keeping the building clean for example.

Earning Cub Paws

When a student is “caught” showing his or her ROAR (one of the four goals) he or she may earn a cub paw.  A sticker is given to the child and his/her name is submitted for recognition.  A schoolwide incentive is given when the school has met quarterly goals.

Bullying & Harassment

Queen Anne’s County Public Schools defines bullying, harassment and intimidation as intentional conduct, including verbal, physical, or written conduct or an intentional electronic communication that is repeated over time, creates a hostile educational environment by substantially interfering with a student’s educational benefits, opportunities, or performance, or with a student’s physical or psychological well being and is:  

  1. Motivated by an actual or perceived personal characteristic including race, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ancestry, phsyical attributes, socioeconomic status, familial status, or physical or mental ability or disability; or,
  2. Threatening or seriously intimidating; and
  3. Occurs on school property, at a school activity or event, or on a school bus; or,
  4. Substantially disrupts the orderly operation of school

“Electronic communication” means a communication transmitted by means of an electronic device, including a telephone, cellular phone, computer, or pager.

Any student committing acts of bullying, harassment and intimidation, or engaging in reprisal and retaliation, or any person found to have made false accusations will receive an appropriate consequence and/or intervention. Depending on the nature of the offense, consequences and interventions for the aforementioned behaviors can range from parent/student conference to expulsion from school.

Character Counts

The mission of Character Counts in Queen Anne’s County is to support and embrace character development in all aspects of our lives. The Character Counts Program is a coalition of schools, communities, and non-profit organizations working to advance character education by teaching the Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

The Business/Education Committee has joined with the Community Partnership for Children & Families, local communities, and other organizations for these efforts in Queen Anne’s County. Character Counts is made up of a series of activities that involve business, community members, and leaders. 

CommUNITY Mentoring is also a part of the Character Counts family where mentors caringly guide mentees in grades 5-12 in making positive choices for their future success.

New Student Registration

Please visit the main QACPS site for information about enrolling a new student at Church Hill Elementary.