Title I & Family Engagement

at Church Hill Elementary

CHES is a Title I school. Title I funds are used to improve the academic achievement of identified Title I students. Students are identified based on multiple, objective, educationally related criteria.

Title I teachers and/or tutors must be highly qualified and are responsible for providing supplemental services to identified students. Title I staff coordinate with other school personnel and involve parents in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the Title I program.

Title I Information

There is extensive information about Title I on the main QACPS website. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Parents’ Right to Know (English and Spanish versions)
  • Family Engagement Resources
  • Family Communication Plans
  • Title I Contacts
  • News & Updates

Meet Your Family Engagement Specialist

Shenay Johnson

My name is Shenay Johnson, I’m the Family Engagement and Afterschool Site Coordinator at Church Hill Elementary School. I’m originally from Baltimore City. In 2018, I along with my two children moved to Queen Anne’s County. We love it here! I have a bachelor’s degree from Frostburg State University. My job is to support a partnership among the school, families/caregivers and the community to improve student academic achievement. I am here to help you ask questions, find support, and to provide any additional resources you may need. I look forward to working with all our families here at Church Hill Elementary School.

Family Engagement

CHES is committed to building meaningful family partnerships to ensure the success of our Cubs! If you or a family member wish to seek further involvement with Church Hill Elementary School, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are accepting new Family Advisory Committee members and we are also looking for father-figures to revive our DUDES Program!

Please contact Sarah Pierson at [email protected] or Shenay Johnson at [email protected] for more information regarding how you can be involved with CHES’s Parent Involvement and Family Engagement.