Mr. William Hazy

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Degrees and Certifications:

- B.S. in Natural Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh - Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Pittsburgh

Mr. William Hazy


The spring semester is here marking the eighth semester that I've spent at Kent Island High School, and I can't wait to get started!

I have to say that my passion and desire to teach and explore concepts of biology has not fallen in the slightest. Biology and science in general is a true passion of mine that I can't wait to share with everyone I meet. Throughout the course, we will explore a lot of very interesting material, and I will hopefully be able to mold your thought process into one of a scientist. My methodology continues to grow and advance as I learn more about the students, myself, and the discipline. For this reason, be ready to try new things and don't be afraid of the unknown. You will find that throughout the semester, I continue to ask questions that you may not know the answer to, but want to know what YOU think and WHY you think that. Never hesitate to ask a question.

In addition, please know that we are doing things VERY differently than we have done in the past years. The course will be very similar to the Fall semester, so if you have friends that have taken it, you will kind of know what to expect. While we used to align our biology courses to the Maryland HSA, that assessment has been deactivated in favor of a more progressive, skill based set of standards called the Next Generation Science Standards. The NGSS will be used throughout EVERY science course from here on out, and will culminate at the end of the third science course (physics or chemistry) with the Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA). Each course will build upon core science practices and skills while using the course content as a framing structure.

If there are EVER any questions about grades or a lack of understanding about material, please, let me know. I am more than willing to work with anyone, BUT I need you to make the effort. Simply reach out to me, and we will make something work. I love getting questions and trying to figure out the answers together, so make sure that during class you are open to thinking and applying new ideas.

Please, check my Google Classroom pages to find any assignments and/or to turn in assignments to me. If there isn't an assignment submission link in the stream, please e-mail me about that specific assignment. 

The syllabi for my classes are provided in the link to the left. If there are any further questions, feel free to e-mail me or talk to me before/after class.

On a final note, I am currently the National Honor Society adviser, so if you have any questions about that, please direct them my way!


Mr. Hazy


My hair is a lot longer now than it was in that picture. :P