• Registration Procedure-

    Are you new to Sudlersville Middle School?  Our enrollment process couldn’t be easier. Most of the documents can be located on-line.  If you need access to a computer, please call the school (410-438-3151) and arrange a time to come and use our computers  Summer enrollments cannot begin prior to July 1 for the upcoming school year. This is a two step process.

    Part 1-

    1. Click on the link below that will take you to the new student registration forms on INFOSNAP.



    Queen Anne's County Public Schools

    Under Parents

    -Back to School forms

      -New Student

        -Registration 2018-2019

    1. Create an account using an email address or phone number.
    2. Complete the forms and submit.  Please make sure to select SMS as the school choice for grades 5-8.
    3. After completion of the online paperwork please bring the following documents to the school (Please call first-410-438-3151...):
    1. Birth certificate
    2. Immunization record
    3. Social Security card
    4. Proof of Residency in Queen Anne’s County.  This can be an electric bill, gas bill, lease agreement, property tax bill, or deed.  The service address must be included on the bill. A driver’s license is NOT an acceptable form of proof.  If the proof of residency is not in your name a verification of residency form must be completed by the name on the proof and notarized.  This form and an acceptable proof of residency in the other person’s name must be submitted. In some instances you may be referred to the Student Support Office at the Board of Education.

    Verification Of Residency form can be found by clicking the link below.  

    The last selection is Residency.



    1.  The school will give you an appointment time when the documents are submitted.  

            Throughout the summer we are not here daily so please call 410-438-3151 prior to coming

            to the school to be sure that someone is here to receive the documents, copy them, and

            give you an appointment time.

    Part 2-

    1. Please arrive promptly at your given appointment time.  Your student should accompany you

          to the appointment.  We will tour the building, select courses and build a tentative schedule.  

          This appointment will last no longer than an hour.

    Lunch forms are available online.

    Queen Anne's County Public School's Home Page

    -My School Apps or click on the link below.