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    I wanted to thank those who were able to visit KIES Friday afternoon.  It was great to feel the energy once again as we near the start of this new school year.  I want to remind parents of a few changes in routines to help us with the traffic flow in the morning and to ensure the safety of all at dismissal,  First, all student car riders will enter through the main doors only.  For the cars, please pull up on the loop to the Gym/Music doors.  Once directed, students will depart the cars and walk up to the Main Door Canopy to wait until the 8:55 Bell.  PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS UNTIL A STAFF MEMBER IS PRESENT.  Once the student is safely on the sidewalk, please safely exit the loop.  The dismissal line should be all cars that are between the Gym/Music doors and the doors that PS/PK use.  We will have staff to assist.  This should move large groups of vehicles through the loop so as to minimize the congestion on Main Street.  Remember, all students need to be ready to depart their vehicles quickly and from the sidewalk side.  If you are walking your child into school, you will need to continue on Elementary Way and park in the parking lot.  The loop must stay clear of parked vehicles as we have Special Needs Buses and possible Emergency Vehicles that will need to enter as well.  Remember, it is against the law to pass a school bus with their flashing lights on.  You will be reported.  In the afternoon, we will open the Gym/Music doors at 3:45.  Please enter and wait in the foyer for staff to get students into the gym for sign out.  Once directed and in an orderly line, you may enter, show ID, and collect your student.  Once you have your student, we ask that you depart through the right side of the doors and leave the school grounds.  KIES does not have the facility in this area for students to play and run around.  The trees, sidewalks and parking lot are not intended to be used as a playground and quite frankly it is too dangerous.  We thank you for working with us to make these two important parts of the school day a safe and orderly process for all.
    Additionally, I have included an attachment that has our student/parent handbook.  I have used this at CES.  In my editing, I may have missed a CES or staff reference, this has been an unusual summer, so please accept my apologies.  This handbook is in addition to our QACPS Calendar Handbook as I have referenced policies from it.  There is a last page that will need to be copied, signed and returned to your child's teacher by the close of their first week of school.
    Once again, I am excited for the school year and will look to see you on the 13th of September at or Back to School!
    Mr. DuLac