Ethics Provisions

  • The Queen Anne’s County Board of Education has adopted  regulations for the purpose of defining and prohibiting certain conflicts; defining gifts and requiring financial disclosure; regulating and requiring reporting of certain lobbying activities; and creating a Queen Anne’s County School System Ethics Panel.

Queen Anne's County Board of Education Ethics Panel

  • Ethics Panel
    c/o Office Public Information
    202 Chesterfield Avenue
    Centreville, MD  21617 
    Members of the Board of Education Ethics Panel: 
    Nikolas Deoudes,
    Nataqlie Veeney Ford,
    and L.C. Lawrence.
    To Contact the Panel:
    Suzanne K. Henley, Esq.
    (410) 758-2217
    (410) 280-0530
    Jacqueline Vassell
    (410) 758-2403