• Student Services
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     School Counselor:  
    Student Services Secretary & Volunteer Coordinator:  Mrs. Jane Steimer
     School Psychologist:  Ms. Christina Brucker
    Speech Pathologist:  Ms. Barbara Plack
    Q:  What does the school counselor do?
    A:  Our school counselor serves as a support to all students at STMS.  Her duties include:
    • Maintaining students' schedules
    • Enrolling new students to STMS
    • Counseling students who are undergoing emotional stress
    • Discussing academic plans and providing career guidance
    • Supporting anti-bullying initiatives through the Olweus program
    • Facilitating mediation between students
    • Maintaining and supervising 504 plans
    • Referring students with needs to outside agencies, specifically mental health counseling agencies
    • Teaching curriculum aligned to the ASCA model
    Q:  Where does my student take her or her absence note?
    A:  All absence notes should be submitted to the front office secretary.  She will properly record the absences in PowerSchool.
    Q:  Who can I talk to about scheduling questions?
    A:  Contact the school counselor to discuss any scheduling questions.  She can answer questions about middle school schedules and future high school schedules.
    Q:  What do I do when my family is going on a family vacation during school time?
    A:  Family vacations can be marked as excused absences, but they must be approved by the principal.  At least two weeks before the vacation, submit a note to the principal for approval.
    Q:   What does "UND" mean on PowerSchool?
    A:  "UND" means that a particular absence is coded as undocumented (and therefore unexcused).  Anytime a student is absent from school, a note is required to document that absence.  Excessive absences and/or tardies will result in referrals to the Office of Student Support.
    Q:  How are unified arts class scheduled?
    A:  Students have one unified arts class per day, and they alternate this class every other day.  During a semester, your student will have one UA class on A day and another on B day until the end of quarter two at the end of January.  In the beginning of quarter three, students will switch to two new alternating unified arts classes.  The exceptions are chorus, band, and Spanish classes, which are yearlong.  All students are required to take a fine art class (art, band, or chorus) and PE/Health every year.
    Q:  What is EEI?
    A:  EEI stands for enrichment, extension, and intervention.  During this class, gifted and talented students take enrichment classes, and students who need extra help with math or reading skills take intervention classes.  All other students take extension classes, which are unique, content-specific classes.  Extension students rotate between these classes every four to five weeks.
    Q:  How do I change which bus my student rides?
    A:  Contact the student services office to provide a new address and proof of residency.  The office staff will write an official note for the student to submit to the bus driver.  Students are permitted to ride different buses to different locations only in emergencies.