Partnering for Youth  


    Partnering for Youth provides programming at 10 schools in Queen Anne’s County with funding coordinated through a variety of sources. Seven programs are menu-style designs where students choose from a variety of activities in which to attend for an after school session. This allows for autonomy with selections for activities driven by student input on end-of-session surveys. A nutritional snack is served, time is allotted for homework and transportation home is provided. The menu-style sites operate 3 days/week, 1.5-2 hours/day for two after school sessions each year. Three programs are 21st Century Community Learning Centers where students enjoy academic and enrichment activities throughout the school year. 21st CCLC programs provide a variety of services to meet the needs of children and family participants. They operate 4 days/week, 2.5 hours/day for 30 weeks during the school year.

    Partnering for Youth is proud to be implementing after school programs with funding provided by:

    21st Century Community Learning Center

    Queen Anne’s County Commissioners

    Chesapeake Charities

    The Clifton Foundation