Meet Our Finance Staff

  • Jennifer Bode
    410-758-2403 x 163
    Conference Registration/Reservations

    Grants Accounting and Budgeting
    Grants Reporting and Invoicing

    Karen Colley
    410-758-2403 x 119
    Payroll Billing
    Employee Deductions
    403(b) Deducations

    Beth Coppage
    410-758-2403 x 153

    Accounts Receivable Billing and Reconciliation
    Billing Payroll Related Expenses
    Construction Fund Receipts
    Wage Garnishments

    Jacy Earls
    410-758-2403 x 113
    Purchasing for Schools and Central Office
    Bids (except construction)
    Furniture Purchasing and Placement

    Dennis Ledesma
    410-758-2403 x 265
    Computer Programming
    File Processing

    Marchelle Ryans
    410-758-2403 x 160
    Accounts Payable

    Monthly Invoices
    Travel Reimbursements

    Amy Poad
    410-758-2403 x 123
    Accounts Payable
    Purchase Order Processing and Payables
    Retiree Healthcare Billing and Collections

    Sharon Semchenko
    410-758-2403 x 228
    Finance Secretary
    Accounts Payable Review
    Bus Contractor Payments
    Food Service Claims