What is the School Breakfast Program?
    The School Breakfast Program is a federally assisted meal program. It began as a pilot project in 1966, and was made permanent in 1975.  The School Breakfast Program is administered at the Federal level by Food and Nutrition Service.  At the State level, the program is usually administered by State education agencies, which operate the program through every school day agreements with the local school food authorities.
    How does the School Breakfast Program operate?
    The School Breakfast Program operates in the same manner as the National School Lunch Program. Queen Anne's County Public Schools receives cash subsidies from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for each breakfast meal they serve.  In return, they must serve breakfasts that meet Federal Nutrition Standards.
    School Breakfast Programs that are offered in Queen Anne's County Public Schools and what is the difference?

    Traditional Breakfast

    • Schools may offer a traditional breakfast in the school cafeteria, a familiar setting for students who already eat school lunch in the cafeteria.
    • Schools that offer a Traditional Breakfast provide approximately 15 minutes for the breakfast meal prior to the start of the school day.
    • Students pay full price or no charge if your child qualifies for free or reduced-price meals.
    • Why School Breakfast?

    Maryland Meals for Achievement (MMFA)

    • Schools participating the Maryland Meals for Achievement (MMFA) classroom breakfast program offer breakfast to all students every morning in the classroom free to all students.
    • Schools may apply for MMFA each spring if they maintain 40% or more free and reduced-price eligibility at the school.
    • Eligible schools receive State funding that enables the school to offer free breakfast to all students.
    • State funding may be limited, therefore all eligible schools may not be participating.
    Breakfast meal consists of 3 components from 3 food groups:

    Fruits (1 cup daily) offered in all QACPS schools to include:

    • Fresh Fruit
    • Canned Fruit, packed in juice
    • Dried Fruit
    • 100% Fruit Juice

    Grains offered in all QACPS schools are whole-grain rich to include:

    • Bagel
    • Benefit Breakfast Bar
    • Muffin

    Milk offered in all QACPS schools includes:

    • Low-fat Milk
    • Fat Free Chocolate

    Breakfast menus meet:

    • Calorie Ranges
    • Saturated Fat Limits
    • Sodium Levels
    • Zero Trans Fat products only

    Registered Dietitians at the local school level develop menu patterns and conduct nutrient analysis on the weekly menu. State officials conduct nutrient analysis every 3 years.

    What is the cost of School Breakfast?

    2020-2021 Meal Prices

    • Student Breakfast: $1.50
    • Reduced Breakfast: $0.20
    • Adult Breakfast: $2.50
    • Milk: $0.50 
    We invite all students to "Power Up" their day with a great breakfast.