Out-of-Attendance Zone Placements Pre-Kindergarten

  • The Board of Education does allow parents to register their children in out-of-attendance zone placements for childcare purposes only. Preference or increasing the ability to be accepted into pre-kindergarten are not valid reasons to request  an out-of-attendance zone placement. Childcare will be verified before tentative approval is granted. 


    Since pre-kindergarten is not a mandatory program, out-of-attendance zone placements are only fulfilled if slots are available.  The increased demand for pre-kindergarten has limited the number of vacancies over the last few years.  Few, if any, out-of-zone pre-kindergarten requests have been accommodated.  All in-zone students must be placed prior to any out-of- attendance zone students.  


    The only exception is for students who are economically disadvantaged or homeless.  This exception is due to the legal requirement to provide services to these children. 


    If you are interested in requesting an out-of-attendance zone placement, please contact either the school, QAC Student Services Department, or click on this link for the proper paperwork. 


    Out-of-Zone Request Form