Tiger Choir


    All students that have signed up to be in the fifth grade Tiger Choir will meet every Friday morning at 8 a.m beginning January 5th 2018 in the music room ready to sing.  We will learn how to warm up our voices correctly, harmonize with other singers, and learn a variety of different types of music all while having fun.  If you enjoy singing, Tiger Choir is the group to join!



    Band Schedule  

    Band Schedule for January

    Monday January 8th-Flutes & Percussion

    Tuesday January 9th-Clarinets & Saxophones

    Thursday January 11th-Trumpets & Trombones

    Monday January 15th-Schools are closed

    Tuesday January 16th-Flutes, Percussion, Clarinets

    Thursday January 18th- Trumpets & Trombones & Saxophones

    Monday January 22nd-Flutes & Percussion

    Tuesday January 23rd-Clarinets & Saxophones

    Thursday January 25th-Trumpets & Trombones

    Monday January 29th-Schools are closed

    Tuesday January 30th- Flutes, Percussion, Clarinets


    Band Schedule for February

    Thursday February 1st-Trumpets & Trombones & Saxophones

    Monday February 5th-Flutes & Percussion

    Tuesday February 6th-Clarinets & Saxophones

    Thursday February 8th-Trumpets & Trombones

    Monday February 12th-Flutes & Percussion

    Tuesday February 13th-Clarinets & Saxophones

    Thursday February 15th-Trumpets & Trombones

    Monday February 19th-Schools are closed

    Tuesday February 20th- Flutes, Percussion, Clarinets

    Thursday February 22nd- Trumpets & Trombones & Saxophones

    Monday February 26th- Flutes & Percussion

    Tuesday February 27th-Clarinets & Saxophones



    Band Schedule for March

    Thursday March 1st- Trumpets & Trombones

    Monday March 5th-Flutes & Percussion

    Tuesday March 6th-Clarinets & Saxophones

    Thursday March 8th-Trumpets & Trombones

    Monday March 12th-Flutes & Percussion

    Tuesday March 13th- Clarinets & Saxophones

    Thursday March 15th-Trumpets & Trombones

    Monday March 19th-Flutes & Percussion

    Tuesday March 20th-Clarinets & Saxophones

    Thursday March 22nd-Trumpets & Trombones

    Monday March 26th-Flutes & Percussion & Clarinets

    Tuesday March 27th- Trumpets & Trombones & Saxophones

    Thursday March 29th- Monday April 2nd- Schools are closed- Spring Break


    Band Schedule for April

    Tuesday April 2nd- Flutes & Percussion & Clarinets

    Thursday April 4th-Trumpets & Trombones & Saxophones

    Monday April 9th- Flutes & Percussion & Clarinets

    Tuesday April 10th- Trumpets & Trombones & Saxophones

    Thursday April 12th- No School-Teacher professional day for elementary schools

    Monday April 16th-No School-Parent Conferences

    Tuesday April 17th-Extra Help with Concert Songs

    Thursday April 19th- Full Band-All students should attend

    Monday April 23rd-Flutes & Percussion & Clarinets

    Tuesday April 24th- Trumpets & Trombones & Saxophones

    Thursday April 26th-Full Band- All students should attend

    Monday April 30th- Flutes & Percussion & Clarinets

    Band Schedule for May

    Tuesday May 1st-Trumpets & Trombones & Saxophones

    Thursday May 3rd-Full Band-All students should attend

    Monday May 7th –Full Band-All students should attend

    Concert Day May 7th Performances at 2 pm and 6 pm


    Reminders: Students should will wear white shirts, black pants/skirts and black shoes for the evening performance.  They may wear regular school clothes for the day time performance.

    Band will be finished for the school year after the spring concert.  It has been my absolute pleasure to work with each and every one of you children.  I wish them the best in the musical endeavors in the future.  If they need anything from me in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    Mrs. Fullerton, the middle school band director will be in contact with students over the summer time in reference to the middle school band program.  Her email address is

    heather.fullerton @qacps.org if you have any immediate questions for her.

    Have a wonderful summer!!


    Take care,

    Windy Broadwater

    Music Teacher

    Kennard Elementary School



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