• How can I help my child figure out words that they do not know when reading:

    1. Sound it out. Look at the sounds in the words. Make the sounds in the words. Blend the sounds together.  Does that word make sense?

    2. Look at the picture. Is there a clue in the picture that can help you figure out that word? What word would make sense?  Could it be that word? Does it have the same beginning letter?

    3. Look for chunks in the word. Do you see a word you know in it? Blend the sounds and the word chunk together. Does that word make sense?

    4. Skip over the word and read to the end of the sentence. Go back and see if you can figure out the word. Then reread the sentence and see if it makes sense.

    5. Think of another word that looks like that word.

    What strategies will help my child understand what they are reading?

    1. Predict Before reading, have your child make a prediction about the book based on the title and picture on the cover. While you read, stop periodically and ask your child to check their prediction and change it if needed. This helps because it gives them a purpose and focus for reading. It also makes them use their prior knowledge about the topic which helps them make connections to the story.

    2. Ask Questions:  Before, during, and after reading, ask your child questions about the story. Encourage them to ask questions before they and during reading as well. This strategy also gives them a purpose and focus for reading the story. 

    3. Clarify/Reread: As your child is reading, they may come across words that they may not be able to read or may  not know what they mean. Encourage them to clarify or figure out what the word or idea is before reading on. If they are reading a story and do not know what is happening, encourage them to reread and clarify what is going on. 

    4. Summarize: After reading a book or a chapter of a book, ask your child to tell  you the important details about what they have read.

    *Using these strategies does not take long and it makes a huge impact on how well your child understands what they have read.