• Fifteen-Minute Reading Activities   by the National PTA


    Make 15 minutes go a long way. Try these quick reading activities with your younger kids.

    1. License to read. On car trips, make it a game to point out and read license plates, billboards, and interesting road signs.

    2. Better than TV. Swap evening TV for a good action story or tale of adventure.

    3. Look and listen. Too tired to read aloud? Listen to a book on tape and turn the book's pages with your children. You'll still be reading with them!

    4. Labels, labels, labels. Label things in your children's room as they learn to name them. Have fun while they learn that written words are connected to everyday things.

    5. Pack a snack, pack a book. Going someplace where there might be a long wait? Bring along a snack and a bag of favorite books.

    6. Recipe for reading. The next time you cook with your children, read the recipe with them. Step-by-step instructions, ingredients, and measurements are all part of words in print!

    7. Shop and read. Notice and read signs and labels in the supermarket. Back home, putting away groceries is another great time for reading labels.

    8. Your long-distance lap. Away on a business trip? Take a few books with you, call home, and have your child curl up by the phone for a good night story.

    9. A reading pocket. Slip fun things to read into your pocket to bring home: a comic strip from the paper, a greeting card, or even a fortune cookie from lunch. Create a special, shared moment your child can look forward to every day.

    10. A little longer? When your child asks to stay up a little longer, say yes and make it a 15-minute family reading opportunity.

    Bonus item! Find more reading ideas from parents like yourself.

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      Set aside at least 15 minutes each day for your child to read. Turn off the TV and have them find a cozy, quiet spot to relax and enjoy a good book. For those that resist this time, set a timer. It won't be long before the timer goes off and they beg to keep reading!

    Read to your child-no matter how old they are. Even though they may think they are too old, give it a try. Share a chapter book with them. Take turns reading pages or chapters. The quality time spent with them will be so valuable!