• The following Reading Intervention programs are available at Church Hill Elementary School:
    •  Wilson Fundations for K-3 is a phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling program. Fundations lessons focus on carefully sequenced skills that include print knowledge, alphabet awareness, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and spelling. 
    Leveled Literacy Intervention
    • The Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention System (LLI) is a small-group, supplementary literacy intervention designed to help teachers provide powerful, daily, small-group instruction for the lowest achieving students at their grade level. Through systematically designed lessons and original, engaging leveled books, LLI supports learning in both reading and writing, helps students expand their knowledge of language and words and how they work. The goal of LLI is to bring students to grade level achievement in reading.

     READ180/System 44

    This year your child has a wonderful opportunity to improve his or her reading skills through our exciting READ 180 reading intervention program. This comprehensive program will help your child with reading achievement on multiple fronts, using state-of-the art adaptive technology, high-interest print, and enjoyable activities that relate to your child’s interests.  This research-based program has proven to be quite effective.

    Students begin a READ 180/System 44 workshop with whole-group instruction on Monday.  They proceed to each of these three rotations: small group instruction with a teacher, instructional software (on the computer), and modeled and independent reading on Tuesday through Thursday.  The week ends with a whole group wrap up and instructional software. 

    READ 180 software, which includes over 100 videos from grade-level science, math, history, and social studies content areas, includes the following features:

    1)  Collects data to continually adjust instruction to meet each student’s needs

    2)  Offers continuous support and immediate feedback,

    3)  Build phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension

    System 44 software builds mastery of foundational reading skills. The student software delivers a personalized learning path and systematic instruction in phonics, decoding, word recognition, and writing. This program also collects data and adjusts instruction to meet students’ needs while giving continuous support and feedback.

    More information is available regarding each type of intervention. Please contact me via email or phone if you have any questions or would like more information.