•                                                                                                     Math News
           Math Intervention is a school-based support program that builds students' confidence in mathematics, and utilizes a research-based program to fill gaps in a student's mathematical understanding.  Students meet daily for a 30 minute block during the intervention period, and no one misses critical content witnin the classroom.  Ms Fowler and the classroom teacher are in constant contact to afford what is best for the student's growth in mathematics.  All students should be proficient with the basic facts, and I encourage all custodians to practice the multiplication facts with their child every night starting in third grade.
         Ms  Fowler provides a math problem of the week which reflects higher order thinking.  One student per classroom is chosen to receive a Bayside Buck and have their correct solution placed on the math bulletin board in the A Hallway.
         The month of April celebrates Math.  During that month Ms Fowler will encourage students to participate in a variety of math activities.  More information about this celebration will be forthcoming.  We hold a Math/Reading Night which involves a variety of math and reading activites for students, and helps parents better udnerstand some of the skills that the students are learning