• The High School English program includes four required courses which are integrated curricula including reading, writing, listening, speaking, language and literature. English I and II provide a sequenced preparation for students to be successful on the English High School Assessment using a genre approach. English III focuses on American Literature and English IV focuses on British Literature.

    Honors sections are available in English I, II, III. At the twelfth grade level, the available course is Advanced Placement English, Literature and Composition, Parts I and II. An elective, Advanced Placement English Language, is highly recommended for honors juniors in the spring semester.

    In addition, electives are offered in creative writing, journalism, mythology and folklore, speech, yearbook, and world literature.  

    Mrs. Karen Hansen  Coordinator
    Mrs. Gretchen Biringer  
    Mrs. Megan Bowker
    Ms. Rosalie Devlin  
    Mrs. Laurie Elben  
    Mrs. Jennifer Geoffroy  
    Mrs. Michelle Hustead  Reading Specialist  
    Mrs. Debra Gerhart  
    Mr. David Wagner  
    Mrs. Heather Watkins