• The Judy Center in Sudlersville is one of  forty-nine (49) Judy Centers located throughout  Maryland.  The Queen Anne's County Judy Center is located within Sudlersville Elementary School.  The Judy Center Partnership model is  based on the work of Judith P. Hoyer, who was doing innovative work in Prince George's County working with multiple service agencies for young children and bringing together a level of collaboration and cooperation that had never existed.  Judy's vision was to make it possible for every child to be ready to read by first grade.  The result is the Judith P. Hoyer Early Child Care and Education Enhancement Program.
    What is a Judy Center Partnership?
    Judith P. Hoyer Early Child Care and Family Education Centers, or "Judy Centers," are early childhood and family learning centers.  They typically operate service programs for young children and their families for 7-12 hours a day and year round.  Judy Centers Partnerships are unique because they promote school readiness through collaboration among community-based agencies and organizations co-located with the Judy Center.  This integrated approach includes early childhood care and education as well as family support and health programs, whose services are conveniently provided within or near school buildings.
    How can Judy Centers Partnerships help prepare children for school?
    Judy Center programs foster young children's physical, social, linguistic, and cognitive abilities - skills that help children become accomplished learners and students.  A critical feature at a Judy Center Partnership is the requirement that all early childhood programs have to meet national or state standards of high quality.  Also, all early childhood staff participate in extensive staff development activities.
    Additionally, health and parenting activities (and programs) support children and their families - critical components of academic and future school success.  At the Center parents are supported as they facilitate their children's early learning.  Judy Centers are designed so that each child can acquire the skills and abilities necessary for being successful in school.
    What services are offered by the Judy Center in Sudlersville?
    The services offered by the Judy Center, include services by the Judy Center staff and their partners.  In addition, the Judy Center administrative staff also work to provide many services across organization lines.  These include family case management, referrals, parenting education, adult education opportunities, coordination of Judy Center Playgroup, and home visits, staff training, and community child care training and support services.  The Judy Center is also the Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL) affiliate, enrolling all children (birth - 5) years of age in the DPIL.  Children enrolled in the DPIL begin receiving high-quality, age-appropriate books on a monthly basis until they reach the age of 5 years old.  The books are delivered free of charge, and are paid for by funding, and donations received by the Judy Center Partnership of QAC.