About Mr. Demetrus Fisher...

    Wow, this will be my nineteenth year as a fourth grade teacher at Kennard Elementary School! I enjoy being a fourth grade teacher. I graduated from Queen Anne's County High School in 1994. I was in the marching band and played on the basketball team for all four years while I was in high school. I was also a member of a few other clubs.

    Then, I went to Salisbury State University and graduated from that college in 1998 with a degree in Elementary Education. I was a member of the men's basketball team in college as well. As soon as I graduated from college in December of 98' I began teaching at Centreville Middle School. I was a Physical Education and Math teacher. I taught two Physical Education classes and two Math classes. After one year at Centreville Middle School, I moved over to Kennard Elementary School in the Fall of 1999 and I have been teaching here ever since. In 2006, I graduated from McDaniel College with my Masters Degree in the field of Education.

    When I am not teaching, I am coaching women's tennis at Queen Anne's County High School. I have been coaching tennis for 17 years.

    I am also a big sports fan. I like all kinds of sports! My favorite teams are the Orioles, Dolphins/Redskins, Navy Football, Georgetown, "The U" and anything Brasilian!