Education opens the door to a world of opportunities. As an educator, I see my role as a guide, leading my students in a quest to obtain the key (education) and encouraging them to utilize it to unlock the door to a bright future. To that end, I strive not only to share my knowledge but also to ignite in my students a passion for learning that will last a lifetime. Ultimately, my goal is for each one of my students to become a productive citizen of our world and to reach his or her full potential in life.

    In teaching world languages, I facilitate the learning of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in order to prepare my students to begin communicating in a foreign language while nurturing an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. The basic, fundamental skills they master in my class will enable my students to continue learning languages at the next level and beyond. Being a passionate, lifelong learner of languages myself, I strive to make my passion contagious. To that end, I endeavor to make my lessons engaging, tapping in to the interests and strengths of my students as often as feasible by allowing them to decide what direction to take on various assignments.

    Each child is a unique individual whose learning style and attitudes may reflect his or her own interests, strengths and challenges, background, beliefs, experiences and personality. Taking the time to talk with my students, to listen to them, and to observe them in the classroom prove invaluable tools for me in evaluating their individual learning styles and attitudes. In turn, the knowledge I gain aids me in reaching them on an individual level.

    Keeping the diverse needs of my students in mind, I utilize a variety of approaches for presenting the material I teach. For example, I may introduce a concept through a short lecture with notes on the board, include pair work or a group activity, and then follow up with a song or game to review the material. I am a strong believer in the value of homework, as it not only reinforces the day's lesson but also allows the student the opportunity to evaluate his or her mastery of the material and to determine which concepts need more attention.

    In assessing progress toward reaching the high expectations I hold for each student, I offer each child multiple opportunities for success. Taking into account their diverse learning styles, I provide students outlets to demonstrate their mastery of the subject through presentations, projects and writing assignments in addition to homework, quizzes and tests. I am flexible to employ various methods of assessment which will allow my students to demonstrate their learning accomplishments, as I truly desire for every student to enjoy success in my classroom.

    Another passion in my life is to extinguish bullying in our community at large. I have served as the PBIS chairperson in QAHS. During that time I helped to create a feeling of unity in our school. In 2013 the students and staff at QACHS participated in the talent show: “ Operation Nice” and a group of students participated in a Youth Empowerment Summit. The purpose was that the students become “ the student voice” in the MDS3 interventions and provide a forum for student leadership at  the high school.

    While I guide my students on their learning path, my students will have the best opportunity for success in life when our entire learning community--teachers, parents, administrators, and state officials--works as a team to provide them the best possible education. Collaborative efforts allow us to learn from each other, to improve as guides on our quest to educate, and to offer the most relevant education possible for our students. When we accomplish our goals to instill a passion for learning, prepare all students to become productive citizens and to reach their full potential, the door to opportunity will open wide for every student.