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    Life is Your Adventure... 

    We know you are capable of making the right choices about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and you know what it takes to be at your best.  Staying substance-free is the only way to keep a clear and focused mind! 

    Check out this information that can support your commitment to stay drug-free....

    Quick Links:

    Teen Court – Teen Court was created by the Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney’s Office. Teen Court is a diversionary program for 1st time juvenile offenders. Offenses are heard before a “real” judge or magistrate. Student volunteers ages 12-17 take on the roles of the prosecuting and defense attorneys, court clerk, bailiff and jurors. Students interested in participating as volunteers can contact the QAC State’s Attorney’s Office at 410-758-2264 to get more information on how to get the application and confidentiality form. Teen Court is run by a Community Volunteer!



    Maryland Underage Drinking and Fake ID Laws

    If you are under the age of 21 and found to have purchased, possessed or consumed alcohol, you face a fine of $500 for your first offense and $1,000 for your second or subsequent offense.

    Anyone under 21 who violates their alcohol restriction must automatically participate in the ignition interlock program or face suspension. If assignment to interlock is for a second alcohol violation in 5 years, the duration of participation in the ignition interlock program is determined by how many times they have been assigned to interlock due to one of these violations.

    If you are under 21 and in possession of a fake ID, you face a fine of up to $500 and up to 2 months in prison. Twelve (12) points will be assessed on your driving record, and your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked.

    If you are caught selling fake IDs, you face fines of up to $2000 and up to two years in prison for each fake ID sold. You are also subject to prosecution for violating federal and homeland security laws

    If you are over 21 and knowingly furnish alcohol to a minor, you face a fine of up to $2500 for the first violation and a fine of up to $5000 for a second or subsequent violation. 


    Maryland Medical Cannabis Laws

Last Modified on April 4, 2018