The ESOL Program of QACPS works towards the following goals in its work of preparing college and career ready kids students:

    • To focus on consistent quality, research-based English language instruction for EL as measured by Annual Measurable Attainment Outcomes
      (AMAO 1, 2 & 3)

    •  To work cooperatively with content area teachers in order to effectively convey academic material through proficiency level-based instruction

    • To insure that EL and REL receive appropriate accommodations during classroom instruction and county and state assessments through semi-annual school-based EL Committee meetings

    • deliver native language parental notification of services available to EL in the ESOLProgram and ways in which non-English speaking parents can support the academic success and English language proficiency of their children

    • provide information about school conferences and events as well as translated documents and interpretive services

    • bridge cultural differences and smooth the transition into American schools and culture for both immigrants families and QACPS staff

    • share materials and methods of ESOL pedagogy


Last Modified on May 5, 2014