• Registration

    Contact the EL Program Director (410) 758-2403, x197 or susan.walbert@qacps.org; if available, she will assist with registration or obtaining interpretive kids services.

    • Parents or guardians must show a birth certificate, record of birth or baptismal certificate for their child, proof of residency and a vaccination record. A social security number is not required for registration.
    • The child is registered in the school using the name exactly as it appears on the birth certificate. Hispanic 2-name last names must be copied exactly as it appears on the birth certificate.
    • Parents/legal guardians must complete a Home Language Survey www.transact.com- available in English and 12 other languages. Call the ESOL Office if you need a copy.
    • If the family does not speak English, obtain the name of a contact person for interpreting, or contact Susan Walbert, EL Office, for interpretive needs.


    • Consult with EL Program Director to determine appropriate placement and grading procedures, Place students in an age-appropriate setting; it’s the law!
    • Consider placing students into higher level groups/classes. This will ensure a higher academic model and is especially appropriate for students with no English.
    • Assign EL to a classroom teacher who is sensitive to the needs of these students.


    • Use lots of visuals and hands-on materials.
    • Speak slowly and enunciate; reword, instead of repeating
    • Model; use the same routine every day to start
    • Assign new students a buddy to help them learn about the school.
    • Use computer software and recorded books appropriate to level for independent English language practice.
    • Adapt traditional assessments and design alternate assessments to allow EL opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge in the content area
    • Consult with EL teacher to determine appropriate accommodations and grading procedures. Consult with the ESOL teacher and/or wida.us for CAN DO descriptors of your EL’s proficiency level.
    • Grade beginning EL as satisfactory/unsatisfactory or at/above/below expectations during the year or semester. Convert to a letter grade at the end of the year.
    • Consider an alternate grading scale for the first term for a beginner or P-1 (e.g., comment sheet, narrative student summary)
    • Write comments to clarify how the student was graded
    • Contact EL Program Director and teacher as needed.
Last Modified on March 23, 2018