• Welcome to another year of fantastic art!
    Each year in art, at all levels, we focus on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.  These facets of art work together to create amazing art and compositions.  Understanding how to use line, shape, color, value, texture, and form informs an artists while making artistic decisions.  These Elements are critical in art.
                                                    Elements of Art  
    Throughout the year we combine these elements and principles while studying a variety of essential artists.  We only have a few months together, so remember, these are just a handful, there are so many more artists in the world and in art history to explore.  These are who we may encounter:
     Georgia O'Keeffe                                                                                         
    da Vinci                         
     Leonardo da Vinci
    Frida Khalo 

    Starry Night
                                                                                                          Vincent van Gogh (Starry Night) 

    Pablo Picasso
    Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas
    Andy Warhol
    Andy Warhol  
    (ALL images were found via Google Images)