• The Honors Biology classes at the KIHS 9th Grade Annex are currently one of schools, out of the 200 state-wide, involved in the ongoing project and research.  TERP, an acronym for Terrapin Education and Research on Poplar, is a terrapin head start program that places terrapin hatchlings born on Poplar Island into classrooms around the state.  Throughout the year, the terrapins are well cared for and measured weekly to monitor their growth.  The data is submitted once a month to Dr. Willem Roosenburg at Ohio University who has been researching terrapin populations in the Chesapeake Bay.  Students play an integral part in the project by helping to maintain the tank conditions, feeding the terrapins daily, and taking the measurements for the research project.  At the end of the school year, a group of 22 students will be randomly selected from all of my Honors Biology Classes to accompany the terrapins for their release back to the bay at Poplar Island.
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    Terrapins are a protected species in Maryland. It is illegal to keep terrapins in captivity in the state without a permit through DNR. Our terrapins are received through Maryland Environmental Services. The terrapin that is part of our classroom will have a specific permit issued to it from DNA which gives us the legal right to have the terrapin in captivity in our classroom. The permit states that the terrapin is part of  educational scientific research and is therefore allowed in the classroom. We keep the permit displayed next to the terrapin tank in the classroom as a reminder of the laws in our state.
    More information about the program through MES can be obtained at the following link: