English II Honors is a required course for graduation.  It builds upon and reinforces the skills acquired in English I, including genre study, critical reading, language usage and conventions, and effective writing.  Additional emphasis is placed upon research skills and oral communication.  The skills and knowledge attained will prepare students for successful completion of the PARCC Assessment. A rese


    The Honors English program is designed for students who are self-initiating highly motivated. It builds upon the successes of earlier experiences with language and stimulates bright and creative minds to explore their potential. The program aims to meet the needs of students whose goals are to go beyond the foundational surveys of the discipline by delving into the complexities of communication through supplemental readings, writings, and activities that develop deep understanding. The program strengthens honors students’ cognizance of the richness of the language and literature.

    The characteristics of an honors program may include, but are not limited to:

    • accelerated pace
    • intensified independent reading, projects, and research
    • broadened vocabulary study (both student and teacher directed),
    • enhanced critical and analytical reading and writing activities
    • increased opportunities for independent higher-level thinking and creative expression



    Use the English language effectively in written and oral communication.

    Develop listening strategies.

    Develop effective speaking skills for a variety of audiences and purposes.

    Develop and use before, during and after reading strategies when constructing meaning of text.

    Use a variety of writing strategies.

    Explore and analyze a variety of literary genres.

    Use traditional and emerging media in order to stimulate and develop critical thinking,generate and communicate ideas, and gather and analyze information.

    Develop vocabulary and verbal skills.

          Develop note-taking,organizational and documenting skills for use in research