• Women's Soccer
     Coach:  Mike Leach


    School Physicals will be Tuesday July 24th  5:30pm at Kent Island High School  Cost is $20 per.  If you want to have your own physician do your physical that is perfectly fine. Please make sure that your physical is dated after June 1st if you want it to last until the end of the spring season in 2019.  Physical forms can be picked up at KIHS office
    Fall Sports Orientation will be Tuesday July 31st at KIHS. New athletes will meet at 6:30pm while the others meet for the Team meeting at 7pm.  The Team Contract and other paperwork will be available for every girl to fill out and turn in.  There will also be the Online paperwork(Wingman) again this year that makes everything so much easier. We will keep you posted as everything becomes available.
    1st day of Tryouts Wednesday August 8th 7am to 9:30am  Girls will need to be there by 7am so Shelby (our athletic trainer) will make sure  everything is in order. Once everything is checked out, at 7:30am the girls will do 5 or 6 timed laps around our practice field and the boys football practice field to see how good of shape that everyone is.
    2nd Day of Tryouts Thursday August 9th 7am to 9am
    Last day of Tryouts  Friday August 10th  7am to 9am                Teams will be split up JV and Varsity at the end of tryouts.
    Practice schedule until school starts will be 5pm to 7pm for Varsity and JV TBD
    The 1st day of school practice will be 3pm to 5pm and run like that until the end of our season.
    14th Annual KIHS Girls Soccer PlayDay  Saturday August 18th  at KIHS fields /Love Point fields  We have 14 Varsity Teams this year for the 1st time ever. This will be a HUGE fundraising event for us
    Varsity Scrimmage vs Bethesda /Chevy Chase  Saturday August 25th in Stadium
    JV and Varsity Scrimmage @ Holy Cross on Monday August 27th
    We are also in the process of finalizing a JV and Varsity Scrimmage @ Holy Cross high school.
    We are also in the process of finalizing a Varsity Scrimmage @ Bo Manor High School
    Our 1st scheduled game is Thursday September 6th HOME vs defending Bayside South Champion JMB.  They will be the South's top team again this year.
    We are really expecting a BIG year this season for both our JV and Varsity teams.  Our JV team has gone undefeated now for the last 2 years and possibly more. The varsity has won the Bayside North now for 2 years in a row and last year won the Bayside Championship for the first time in school history, over JMB. For the Varsity , we will be returning 11 seniors in addition to last years juniors that played on JV. The Varsity also returns four 1st team All Conferences(one being the Player Of The Year) two 2nd team All Conferences and six Honorable Mention All Conferences. Barring any major injuries, we should be challenging again for the North bayside Title, the Bayside Championship and our ultimate goal of making it to the State Finals.  This summer we truly understand that there is a lot going on with work, vacations, summer league, Travel sports, etc.  But if all the girls can come to the 1st day of tryouts in shape and having worked on their first touch over the summer, it will enable us to work on other things besides those two at the beginning of practices.
    Any questions or concerns please call, email or text.
    Coach Mike Leach