Matapeake Middle School

    School Description



    Matapeake Middle School is located at the southernmost end of Queen Anne’s County situated on approximately 50 acres adjacent to Matapeake Elementary School.  Matapeake Middle School serves approximately 390 middle school students in grades 6-8 and was also designed to temporarily accommodate approximately 300 9th grade students from Kent Island High School on its second floor.  The facility will enter its eleventh year of operation in the 2017-2018 school year.  

    The demographic subgroups that comprise the population of our school is as follows:  gender ratio is nearly equal in proportion with 48.2% female (176) and 51.8% male (189); FARMS population is 14.8% (54 students); minority students account for 17.1%  (63 students); 1.4% of students (5 students) are LEP; 24.2% (88 students) qualify for Gifted and Talented services; and students with IEPs in special education programs make up 14.8% of our population (44 students).

    The certified and non-certified staff assigned to Matapeake Middle School includes 22 certified content teachers and 5 special education teachers.  Our administration consists of two positions:  principal and assistant principal.  We have three specialists in our building:  teacher specialist, reading specialist, and math specialist.  Our guidance department has one full-time counselor and one part-time school psychologist.  We also employ one full-time media assistant, one full-time school nurse, four full-time para-educators and six part time para-educators, one math tutor, one full-time administrative assistant, two full-time school secretaries, and four full-time custodians.

    Matapeake Middle School offers a comprehensive program which includes educational initiatives and programs designed to help our students achieve proficiency on PARCC and the Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA) and engage them in high-level, active learning where they can develop the skills, habits of mind, and concepts outlined in the Maryland’s College and Career Readiness Standards for Reading, Math, and Disciplinary Literacy which are needed to succeed in high school and beyond.  Our model emphasizes differentiated instruction and the integration of UDL principles to help teachers create instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments that work for everyone in order to give all individuals equal opportunities to learn.  We will begin our 4th year of our 1:1 initiative with Chromebooks.  This initiative ensures that all students at Matapeake Middle School will have access to the most current technology, which will help enable them to achieve the student outcomes for 21st century learners.  All students will have access to a QACPS Google account, which includes a variety of Google Apps, including gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Presentation, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Google Calendar.  

    Grade-level teams have common planning time, which enables content teachers and Special Educators to have joint curricular planning time.  Both the special and general educators provide instructional and testing accommodations, including supplementary aids and supports.  Para-educators also ensure that accommodations are provided as needed under the supervision of the general or special educator.  Curriculum modifications are made by regular and special educators as well.  Grade-level teams meet weekly and vertical content teams meet monthly to collaborate and plan instruction based on current student performance data.  

    We are a full inclusion school, serving the majority of our special education population in the general education classroom.  Paraprofessionals are also scheduled into classes with high-needs students in order to provide instruction support and instructional and testing accommodations as per student's’ Individual Education Plan and 504 Plans.  Matapeake will also offer FOCUS reading and math intervention (Math 180) classes to selected 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.

    In order to meet the needs of our Gifted and Talented population, all three grade levels will offer advanced sections of reading, as well as advanced grade level Common Core math classes for identified students.  For 8th grade students we offer high school Algebra I classes for the opportunity to earn a high school credit.   7th and 8th grade students will also be able to access Spanish I for a second possibility for high school credit.  For the 6th year, MMS will offer an Enrichment Program to identified students.  Our Enrichment Program functions during the normal school day, and provides students from our county’s GT Talent Pool with an opportunity to explore courses of study outside of the regular curriculum.