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    The first three years of a child’s life are the most critical time for learning.

    Children develop at different rates and their personalities and temperaments differ from one from another. Sometimes a parent has a hunch that there is something going on that is not quite typical of children at this age. If you are not sure, call us. 


    What is Early Intervention?     

    ·       Early Intervention Services to families help infants and toddlers who have delays in their development, or who are at risk for delays, grow to their full potential.

    ·       There is no cost to families. Eligibility is based on a child’s need rather than family circumstances. All information is kept confidential.


    Who Is Eligible?                                                                                  

    Children from birth to age 3 who:                                      

    ·       May be slower in doing things other children their age are doing.                                            

    ·       Have a diagnosis that puts them at risk for delays.

    ·       May have something about their development that is “just not right.”

    ·       May have something about their behavior that causes concerns.



    Who Is Involved?

    A team of professionals will talk and work with you to find out what your concerns are, if your child does need special help, and then how to support you in providing that help for your child.


    To Make A Referral or Obtain More Information, Visit http://referral.mditp.org or Call:

    Mary Lou Christian, R.N.

    Queen Anne’s County Department of Health

    206 North Commerce Street                          

    Centreville, MD 21617

    410-758-2838 — Fax

    410-758-0720, Ext. 4456

    To Join the Team or Ask Questions, Call:

    Dawn Fraser, Program Director

    Joeleen Smith, Supervisor of Special Education


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