8th Grade Science Syllabus

    Mrs. Amy Bauer

    Centreville Middle School

    Telephone: 410-758-0883 Ext: 227

    E-mail: amy.bauer@qacps.org



    1st Marking Period

    2nd Marking Period

    3rd Marking Period

    4th Marking Period

    Lab Safety

    Sepup Chemical Reactions

    Sepup Energy

    Sepup Fields and  Interactions

    Mass, Weight, Volume

    Sepup Forces and Motion

    Sepup Waves





    Sepup Chemistry of Materials




    Students should bring the following materials to class on a daily basis:


    Pencil sharpener (optional)


    Colored pencils (optional)

    (1) 3 ring science binder with paper


    Calculator (optional)

    Ruler with metric (optional)



    It is expected that all students follow the guidelines set forth in the Student Handbook.  In general, only behaviors that are consistent with a high level class are acceptable. It is always appropriate to be respectful to fellow students and adults.     


    It is the student's responsibility to get any missed assignments.  It is their responsibility to get a copy of the daily lesson and any worksheets from work area. If work can not be completed at home, they need to ask to arrange a time with me to receive direct instruction.

    There is a new county policy for absent work.  If a student has an undocumented absence, teachers are not to give credit for the work.  Please be sure to send in a note if your child misses any class time.

    GRADING POLICY – In accordance to QAC middle school policy

    50 % Progress Assessments

    • These assessments for learning are assignments and assessments given at a point in time when the students are progressing towards mastery. Progress assignments should vary in type. These could include, but are not limited to, class work, brief progress checks, and quizzes. Progress assessments are intended to be summative in nature only on a smaller scale to the mastery assessment.
    • Progress Assessments may be revised or corrected one time, but an email must be sent to teacher.  This email must include the assessment that they would like to revise, and what they plan to do to improve the previous grade. The student must revise or correct this before taking the Mastery Assessment for the unit.

    50 % Mastery Assessments

    • ​Provides timely feedback after the instructional process for the purpose of demonstrating the level of mastery of the skills being assessed. These could include, but are not limited to major projects, performances, unit tests, chapter tests, and if applicable, midterm and final exams.
    • Mastery assessments may not be revised.

    0 % Formative assessments

    • This is a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve students’ achievement of intended instructional outcomes, and thus shall not be graded. These could include, but are not limited to warm-­ups, independent practice on daily assignments, exit tickets, and reflections.
    • Formative assessments should be 100% accurate to ensure their comprehension of the information.  If work is not accurate, the student will receive a “CR” (correct and return). Feedback will be given, and the student will need to correct mistakes, and return the assignment for reassessment.  Once the work is accurate, the CR will be replaced with a 100%. If work is “Not Turned In”, the student will receive an “NTI”. “NTI” will go into the gradebook as a 40%. Please note that as soon as I re-evaluate the assignment, I will replace the “NTI”.  


    I will frequently have students look into parent portal so your child is aware of any work that needs to be turned in.  You may view grades at any time on parent portal. It is important for you to be aware of what your child is doing in school.  A child's success in school is directly related to quality instruction in school and parental involvement at home. Check your child’s grades on Parent Portal, and have him or her explain the science lessons to you.  

    It is highly recommended that parents use the Parent Portal website to keep track of their child’s grades. You may contact the guidance office for more information about this website.

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