Warm up:  Keyboarding Skills
    In this class you will practice proper keyboarding technique.
    • Practice keeping those 8 fingers on home row keys. 
    •  Proper technique
    • You will practice in class each day and  practicing at home will be to your benefit.
    Progress will be kept using Microsoft Excel.  
    We are looking for improvement of accuracy first and then words per minute.  
    Later in the semester different types of drills will be used to improve Words Per Minute (Speed). 
    Computer Apps
    In this course we prepare students to be Career and College ready.
         Word         Excel Powerpoint          
    Throughout the semester, students will:
    • practice File Management skills.  (being able to name/save a file and retrieve it (find it)
    • Explore the importance of Digital Citizenship
    Google Classroom
    Used to collect assignments 
    (both Microsoft Word and Google docs)