• We will be incorporating Financial Literacy with
    Keyboarding and Computer Applications.  
    Keyboarding Skills
    • Students will work individually to improve touch typing skill.  
    • Students may practice at home using the same internet site used in class. Username & password will be given in class.  
    A Progress Grade will be taken approximately every 2 weeks.  
    --First nine weeks:  improve accuracy  
    --Second nine weeks:  speed drills to improve Words Per Minute
    We are looking for improvement of accuracy first and then words per minute.  
    Through the semester different types of drills will be used to improve Words Per Minute. 
    Computer Application Skills  
    Microsoft Office
     Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
    Google docs, sheets, and slides
     Career and College Readiness
    Students compare the two types of word processors.
    Content areas we will explore:
    Career Exploration
    Exploring Income 
    Creating Budgets
    Final activity will be to complete a computer simulation. 
    Students will be able to
    • create an avatar
    • they will receive a career in which they will have to plan a budget, spend, and save
    Google Classroom
    Used to collect assignments 
    (both Microsoft Word and Google docs)