• Six Flags Reading Incentive Challenge 2017-2018 For 6th Grade Only 

    What to do:

    Read books, magazines, newspapers or comic books outside of school for a total of 6 hours. Reading for homework or a class assignment does not count.


    Now until – February 28th, 2018

    (Late entries will NOT be accepted after Feb. 28th, no exceptions)


    Who can participate?

    Students in 6th grade!



    Earn one FREE Admission to Six Flags Theme Park on select dates during the 2018 season


    Simply keep track of your reading hours on the student reading log and have your parent sign off on the reading log to verify you have read six hours or 360 minutes.  Turn in your completed form to your ELA Teacher or Mrs. Dryer, Room 207 by 2/28/2018.   

    Reading LogUse the reading log sent home,  on MMS's website, or you can create a reading log on any paper which includes the following information: Date, What I Read, Time, and Parent/Teacher Signature.  

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Dryer, Reading Specialist.  jennifer.dryer@qacps.org













    **Read Over Winter Break**

                      Monday, December 19th – Friday, January 6th


                                    BOOKS FOR BILL


    **By reading 8 hours over the course of the Winter Break you will be eligible for the “Books for Bill” reading program with Navy Athletics.  Students who successfully complete 8 hours of reading will be eligible for the following:

    Ø FREE ADMISSSION to your choice:

         January 22nd Wrestling meet against Duke, or February 4th Women’s

         Basketball game against Colgate, or February 11th Men’s Basketball game

         against Lafayette. 

    Ø Additional tickets purchased for $5 per ticket

    Ø Post-game on the court photo with Navy Mascot, Bill the Goat

    Ø You will receive $5.00 in MMS Sand Dollars

    Please complete and submit to Mrs. Dryer by Friday, January 6th __________________________________________________________

    Student Name: ___________________________________________________________________

    Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________

    Phone: ____________________   Email: _______________________________________________

    School: ______________ Parent Signature & Date: _____________________________________

    Participant’s Tickets: _________ x $0.00       Adult Tickets: ______ x $5.00

    Total: $ _________   + $4.00 processing fee

    Credit Card # _________________________________________     Exp: __________________

    FREE ADMISSION TO (circle choice): Wrestling, Women’s Basketball, or Men’s Basketball

     What is Shoot For Success Reading Challenge 2017?

    A reading incentive program that increases the amount of independent reading!

     Shoot For Success will run from

    Wednesday, January 11th – Wednesday, March 1st   

     Rewards will be given out to increase motivation:

    Attending the Tipoff (during reading class)      Reading Challenge Log

    150 pages read   Goal 1                              Cinch Bag  and $5 sand dollars

    300 pages read   Goal 2                              Gold Medal and $5 sand dollars

    450 pages read   Goal 3                              Water Bottle and $5 sand dollars

    600 pages read   Goal 4                              Mini-Hoop & Basketball and $5 sand dollars

    750 pages read   Goal 5                              Digital Watch and $5 sand dollars

    ***prizes given out while supplies last 

     At the end of the year a "Shoot For Success" Reading Assembly will be held in the gym with special guests  and top-reading students will be recognized.  Any student who reads 300 pages or more by the end of the contest (March 1st) will be invited to our Shoot For Success Reading Party in the Gym!!


    Name of Student: _________________________  Grade: ______

     Matapeake Middle School       Wednesday, January 11th – Wednesday, March 1st  

                                             Shoot For Success Reading Challenge Log

    Goal 1

    Pages Read




    Date Started


    Date Finished


    Book(s) Read:





    Parent Signature

    Date Cinch Bag Given: __________


    Goal 2

    Pages Read




    Date Started


    Date Finished


    Book(s) Read:





    Parent Signature

    Date Gold Medal Given: __________


    Goal 3

    Pages Read




    Date Started


    Date Finished


    Book(s) Read:





    Parent Signature

    Date Water Bottle Given: __________


    Goal 4

    Pages Read




    Date Started


    Date Finished


    Book(s) Read:





    Parent Signature

    Date Mini-Hoop Basketball Given:  __________


    Goal 5

    Pages Read




    Date Started


    Date Finished


    Book(s) Read:





    Parent Signature

    Date Digital Watch Given: __________


    **Please see Mrs. Dryer for each reading Goal met to receive your reward while supplies last**