•     Welcome to the Reading Intervention Page                                                                       Reading is an important life skill to have. Some students have not reached their potential at their grade level. A reading intervention class is an opportunity for your child to “bridge the gap” back to grade level competency. Students will learn valuable strategies that will apply in their daily learning. However, success during this intervention requires attendance and motivation from the student. We have made every effort to balance this needed support with your child’s academic schedule.

     Every reading intervention student will receive an (IRI) informal reading inventory.  IRI’s will be given at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year. An IRI focuses on your child’s skills, abilities, and needs with the intention to plan a program of reading instruction that would allow maximum rate of progress. Results of the IRI will be provided. 

    Students will be working in reading programs based on individual need. In addition to an (IRI), students will be given other diagnostic assessments during the year.  Reading intervention progress reports will be sent home during each marking period. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me either via email or by phone.

     Thank you for your support. I look forward to working with you this school year!

     Jen Dryer, Reading Specialist

    Email: jennifer.dryer@qacps.org

    Phone: 410.643.7330  ext: 2207

    QACPS Entry and Exit Criteria for Middle & High School Reading Interventions:

    Reading Specialists examine the following data points for entry into reading intervention programs:

    1. ELA PARCC Assessment - Performance Levels 1 scale score 650 - 699, Level 2 scale score 700-724
    2. ELA STAR Screening Assessment- Benchmark Indicators:  Urgent or Intervention
    3. County ELA Post Assessment- 50% or less
    4. CogAt (verbal only)
    5. Classroom Performance
    6. Teacher input from feeder school
    7. Teacher input from current school (when applicable)

    Data checkpoints: Reading Intervention Program data, classroom data, classroom formative/mastery assessments, informal reading inventories, and STAR Screening assessments.

    Exit Criteria:

    Roe & Burns (IRI) is an informal reading inventory individually administered designed to determine a student's reading instructional level.  If a student is able to master grade level material then students will be dismissed from reading interventions.

    (also classwork, assessments, county benchmarks, PARCC, and STARR data points will be examined)