• I am using a blended instruction model in my classes this semester.  A blended class means that at least 25% of the classwork is done online.  I am using the learning management system Schoology for the online assignments. (Laptops are available in the classroom daily to enable the students to complete the online assignments.)   The Schoology website is secure, free and open to parents as well as teachers and students. I have provided the access codes needed to register under "links to language sites".   Students are encouraged to check the website several times a week for new assignments and especially if they are absent.

    The rotation I am using in my blended classroom involves three rotations:  face-to-face time with me for instruction and practice, online assignments (discussion posts, activities, quizzes) and a syntheses/performance assignment where the students use the language in real life situations to demonstrate proficiency.  The blended classroom allows the student to do his work at his own pace and allows him to move on to the next concept when ready.