PowerSchool is the web-based software application used by Queen Anne’s County Public Schools that allows parents to keep track of their students’ academic progress. Accessed through a customized website, parents and/or guardians may visit the password protected site to view their student’s schedule, grades, assignments and daily attendance. Parents can also easily communicate with teachers via email and receive automatic email updates with important information. Since this is a live web-based product, information is available 24/7 and is updated throughout the school day.

    In order to use PowerSchool you must be a registered user of the system. Registration for PowerSchool is initiated by your online completion of the current year Back to School forms. Please be sure to include an accurate email address on your submission of your student's Back to School form as this is how we will communicate the steps necessary to complete the registration process. In the case of multiple students you must complete Back to School forms for all of your students attending Queen Anne's County Public Schools.

    PowerSchool registration is only required one time. The same PowerSchool account may be used for the duration of your student’s education in Queen Anne’s County Public Schools.