Early Dismissal for First & Second Tier Schools 
    When there is an early dismissal (scheduled or unscheduled), the following first tier schools will dismiss at the announced time:
    • Sudlersville Middle/Sudlersville Elementary School
    • Queen Anne's County High School
    • Kent Island High School
    • Stevensville Middle School
    • Matapeake Middle School
     Second tier schools will dismiss approximately 1 hour later:
    • Church Hill Elementary School
    • Centreville Middle/Kennard Elementary/Centreville Elementary School
    • Grasonville Elementary School
    • Bayside Elementary/Kent Island Elementary Schools
    • Matapeake Elementary School  
    Scheduled Early Dismissal 
    A.M. and P.M. Pre-K will not attend school on scheduled early dismissal days with the exception of Sudlersville Elementary and Church Hill Elementary Schools which Pre-K attends school for the entire day.   
    Unscheduled Early Dismissal
    A.M. Pre-K children will return home by the same bus that brought them to school.
    Schools will need to be notified by parents what daycare center their A.M. child(ren) will attend if they are not going home.