• Enrichment, Extension, & Intervention (EEI)

     Stevensville Middle School offers a unique class period everyday called EEI.  Students are enrolled in one of three options based on their individual needs.  Every class contains multiple grade levels.
    Students who have qualified as gifted and talented take enrichment courses during EEI which include:
    Advanced Writing Experience
    Engineering - Computer Science
    Environmental Studies
    Law, Economics, and History
    Medical Detectives
    Students who do not qualify as gifted and talented and do not need additional reading and math help are enrolled in our extension program.  Every four to five weeks, students rotate to different teachers and extend their learning about unique, teacher-chosen topics:
    Basic Computer Skills
    Creating Documentaries
    The Sinking of the Titanic
    Current Events
    History All Around Us
    Maryland Geology
    Science Fiction
    Cultures Around the World
    Students who are performing at least two grade levels below what is expected in reading and math are enrolled in intervention.  Led by our reading and math specialists, students are placed into small, skill-focused groups to work on building the foundational skills needed for success in their grade-level core classes.  A mixture of direct teaching and computer programs are used in the groups.