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    In 2014 through a partnership with the Queen Anne's County Commissioners, QACPS devised an aggressive 5 Year Technology Plan to introduce a device to all students in grades 3 through 12 by 2018.  Currently, all:

    • 3rd through 8th graders have a Chromebook, 
    • 9th - 12th graders have a laptop,
    • All teachers and administrators have a laptop.  
    • During the 16-17 school year, QACPS will be introducing all 3rd & 4th graders with a Chromebook.  
    5 Year Tech Plan

    By outfitting students with a personal device, instruction has radically transformed.  Students are able to access content appropriate to their instructional level, complete their work digitally, and collaborate remotely with other students and their teachers.  Teachers are able to "push-out" content to students based on their ability, access knowledge using a wealth of online tools, and provide timely feedback to students about their work.  Tools such as Google Classroom have transformed how teachers and students are interacting, completing assignments and accessing digitally-rich curriculum.   This instructional approach is referred to as blended instruction.  Teachers are using the devices to enhance their instruction and blend the digital tools with non-tech instructional methods. 


    It's not about technology.  It's about information.
    The true power behind the 1-to-1 initiative though is QACPS students' ability to access information such as videos, articles, and rich-media to gain a deeper understanding of concepts.  In QACPS, we call this an Information Revolution and not a technology revolution.  Students and teachers can now access information from limitless sources.  They can create countless multi-media projects.  Plus they can share their original work with the world. Now our students best work does not simply hang on their home refrigerator.  It can be displayed for the all to see! This dramatic shift in student ownership is a very exciting result of our 1-to-1 initiative.  Innovative learning is certainly happening in QACPS!
    Access Information Infographic  


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