•  HS laptop collage

    Technology is exploding in our high schools!  
    During the 15-16 school year, all high school students were given a Dell laptop.  Their technology skills have exploded and their content knowledge has expanded by accessing digital elements of their textbooks, interacting with their teachers and peers on Google Classroom and creating rich, multi-media projects. Teachers are continuing to stretch students' minds by integrating appropriate instructional tools such as GradeCamKahootPadletGo Formative, etc.  

    Since QACPS is a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) county, all students are issued an email address with a unique Google address: @student.qacps.org. Their email address only works within the QACPS system.  Students can only email someone who has a @qacps.org or @student.qacps.org email address, so you will not be able to email your children at school.  This restriction is to help ensure your child's online safety.

    Google Apps  

    Teachers are also stressing Digital Citizenship within their teaching to ensure that students are continuing to build a positive digital footprint. As we know, high school students are very connected digitally, so it is important that we instruct them on the benefits, as well as the challenges with posting information online.  The following infographic is a typical poster that you might see in a QACPS high school.   

    Digital Citizenship infographic  


    Below are some helpful resources concerning our 1-to-1 initiative: 

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