• Advanced 7th Grade Career and College Ready Mathematics

    Mrs. Joanne Carter

    Welcome to a new school year!

      Queen Anne’s County Schools will be utilizing the resource for mathematics called Agile Mind.  Agile Mind is a researched based online math resource that provides a clear presentation of mathematical concepts by using a combination of written descriptions, illustrations, animations, and interactive activities.

    Curriculum:  Algebraic concepts, Functions, Number relations, Transformations, Equations, Inequalities and Expressions, Ratios, Proportional Relationships, and Probability

    Expectations: My expectation is that all students will come to class ready to learn.  They will be prepared by bringing required materials and any assignments given.  Students will be respectful of their peers, the teacher, and the classroom materials.

    Materials: All students will need a composition book (200 pages), pencil, chrome book, eraser, pencil sharpener, dry erase marker, and a folder for loose papers.

    Grading Policy: The County will be following a new grading policy which was developed to provide consistency and alignment with our performance-based instructional program.

    Students will receive quarterly report cards with an interim report provided midway through each quarter.  The student will receive a final grade for the course on their quarter four progress report. 

    ·         Mastery – (50%) – to demonstrate the level of mastery of the skills being assessed.   These could include major projects, performances, unit tests, chapter tests, midterms, and finals.

    ·         Progress – (50%) – given at a point in time when students are progressing towards mastery.  These could include classwork, brief progress checks, and quizzes.

    Formative Assessments:  This is a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve students' achievement of intended instructional outcomes, and thus shall not be graded.  These could include, but are not limited to warm-ups, independent practice on daily assignments, exit tickets, homework, and reflections
    Homework Policy: If a student does not complete his/her homework, the following consequences are given: 1st assignment - call home (SRC), 2nd assignment - call home (SRC), 3rd assignment- must attend SRC, and 4th assignment - Teacher-run after school detention
    Retakes/Revisions: Mastery assessments are not eligible to be retaken/revised.  A Progress Assessment can be redone one time up until the Mastery Assessment. A student must notify teacher by email and complete a plan of action sheet on the Progress assessment that is being redone.
    Extra Credit Points/Grades will not be given.  Rewarding extra credit skews the meaning of a student's grade by rewarding extra effort as opposed to achieving proficiency. 

     There shall be no make-up work given to students who have been unlawfully absent.

    If a student has a lawful absence, makeup work is due within 3 days of student return to school.

    Contact Information: Lines of communication between teachers, parents, and students are crucial for a successful school year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Joanne Carter

    email address: joanne.carter @qacps.org;  phone number: 410-758-0883 ext. 266