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    Alfabetismo Primero is a service learning program developed by Julia Alley, Strategic Planning and Instructional Facilitator and Kim Adams, ESOL Tutor.  The goal of this project will be to provide elementary (PK-2) EL students and their parents with technology that enhances literacy experiences and helps to bridge the gap between them and their English speaking peers.  The program will be managed by High School Level EL Students and students in Spanish 3 and 4 classes.
    Program Goals:
    This program meets both curricular and service goals.  High School EL students will work collaboratively with students in Spanish 3 and 4 classes to design, create, and implement a plan to put appropriate technology into the hands of early learners in grades PK-2.  Additionally , they will create and deliver monthly training sessions that will provide the parents of these student with the skills and knowledge necessary to support literacy development required for success.  One evening a month, High School students, under the guidance of the grant manager, teachers, and parent coordinators, will host PK-2 students and their families to help them utilize technology that will enhance literacy skills, and increase exposure to English.
    Upcoming Monthly Meetings:
    More information will be posted soon.
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    Julia Alley
    410-758-2403  Ext.  138
    Kim Adams
     A Primero
Last Modified on April 5, 2016