• This is about a diamond back turtle named Shelly. Third grade has been taking care of Shelly for about 3 months ago. She came from Poplar Island. The third graders have been feeding Shelly since they got her.Here are some facts about Shelly, when they got he she weighed 14 grams and now she weighs 40 grams. When they got her she could fit on a nickel when she go's back to Polar Island she will be the size of a hamburger. A long time ago you could buy a wagon full of diamond back turtles for $1. The turtles and Shelly live in brackish water . Next, 90% females are more than boys. One major threat to the turtles is crabtraps, smaller tearpins are likely get stuck in crabtraps. When Shelly gets sick she loks like she has blisters all over her, she has a unheathy shell, and she gets pink eyes. The highest that Shelly can weigh is 120grams and the lowest Shelly can weigh is 20grams. The diamond back turtle are endangered because poor people would it the turtles. Shelly's diet changes after  Christmas from dry food to meat. She loves to explore in her tank and at peolpe.