• I am the Regional Coordinator for Destination Imagination in QACPS.
    In 2014 our county began offering competitive opportunities for DI. That year I coached 3 middle school teams through regionals to states and one team progressed to Global Finals in Knoxville, TN. The team placed 6th in the world with one of the highest instant challenge scores of the week. In their central challenge their 46gram structure supported over 1200 pounds! The team was also awarded a very prestigious "Spirit of DI" award!
    In 2015,  we formed our first KIHS team.That team advanced through regionals, states, and again went to Global Finals. In an extremely difficult challenge category they placed 27th in the world out of 80+ high school teams.
    In 2016, we had 3 KIHS teams in three different challenge categories. All three teams advanced to states at UMBC presenting and placing well! 
    In 2018, we had 2 KIHS team also advance through Regionals to States. High school categories are VERY competitive in Maryland! 
    Categpories for competition include technology, science, structure, improv, and fine arts. 
    If you're interested in joining our 2018-2019 team please check out the DI website for more info or you can stop by a meeting or drop me an email. 
    Teams will be forming in September.