Alternative to Suspension

  •  Alternative to Suspension (ATS) is Queen Anne’s County’s program for students who have been suspended from school as a consequence for inappropriate behavior. This option provides behavioral and academic help for a period of four to ten days. Students who successfully complete the program will be counted in full attendance for their time at ATS. Our staff will work with our PPW’s to arrange for work to be sent to us so the student keeps a focus on his/her academics. Students will be assigned to the Student Support Room and have certified teachers available upon request to complete their assignments (when available).

           What can I expect when I am assigned to ATS?
    • Transportation can be arranged or parents may wish to transport their child. (Students may not drive)

    • ATS is on a first come, first serve basis. Students must be in grades 8-12.

    • The dress code/cell phone/personal learning device policies are the same as at the home school.

    • School breakfast is served daily at no charge. Lunches are served at the same price as at the home school. We also have a microwave and refrigerator available.

    • Students that are absent will not be permitted to return and will be counted as a suspension for attendance.

             Criteria for successful completion

    • Students must arrive by 7:45 am and not leave campus until 2:10 pm

    • Students must follow all APA policies & procedures