• Attendance

    The school can perform its educational responsibilities only if students are present for instruction. It is the duty of parents and guardians to see that their children regularly attend school, and Maryland law makes failure to do so a misdemeanor. 

    When students are absent from school, a written excuse signed by a parent or a guardian is required on the day students return to school.  A doctor’s note may be required for extended absences. Without a note, absences are marked as unlawful absences. Students who are habitually tardy or have an attendance problem will be referred to Pupil Personnel Services for appropriate action. 

    The school recognizes that there are times when parents and guardians will be taking vacations during the school year. Notification should be made in writing to the principal at least two weeks in advance for vacations. Parents are encouraged to schedule trips during scheduled school holidays. 

    No work will be provided prior to a scheduled vacation. Students are encouraged to read a book and maintain a written journal while on vacation. Missed work will be made up upon the return to school.