• Bus Transportation

    All students new to the building will receive a Policy Governing Public School Transportation Handbook. Please read the information contained therein. Riding a school bus is a privilege that can be suspended or terminated, if appropriate behavior is not maintained at the bus stop or while riding on the bus. The driver is in charge of his or her bus at all times. 

    Students can be suspended from riding the bus for 1 to 3 days or longer if necessary. This does not mean that the student is suspended from attending school. Parents or guardians are responsible for providing transportation to school during any suspension of bus privileges.

    Students are assigned to a bus by the office. The driver’s name will be provided. Each bus is assigned a number. Please remember your bus number, as this will help during early dismissal and other times as well. 

    Students are not permitted to bring glass containers or bottles on the bus. Toys, games, dolls, and athletic equipment are not permitted on buses, as they can be a safety hazard. If a teacher requires something from home for their class, a note requesting the item will be sent home to be shown to the driver. The day the item will be sent home and the day the item is brought to school will be communicated between all parties. 

    Students riding the buses begin dismissing at 3:30 p.m. We have three bus runs; the 1s ​b​egins at 3:30 p.m. and the remainder of the bus runs takes place at an interval of about every five to ten minutes. 

    There is a bus transportation opt out form for parents who choose to drop off and pick up their child every day. This can be completed on InfoSnap.