• Discipline

    We expect every child to behave in an appropriate manner and to follow established school and classroom rules in order to grow and succeed. One school goal is to teach children to be c​aring individuals, U​se Safety, Be Responsible, and Show Respect. ​As part of the Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) school network, these key words guide our expectations of student behaviors in all areas of the school building. In keeping with this goal, we have established some general school rules that apply to everyone. They are as follows:


    • I will speak to all adults and children in a kind and gentle manner.
    • I will follow the directions of the adult in charge.
    • I will walk quietly at all times.
    • I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.
    • I will take care of my school building, books, and materials.


    Each classroom teacher may develop additional rules for his or her classroom. Discipline is the responsibility of the classroom teacher and procedures for correcting errant behavior will be taken at the classroom level. Parents and guardians will be notified of persistent behavior problems, but may not necessarily be informed of every minor incident.

    CES is part of the PBIS and OLWEUS networks. These are school-wide programs that reward positive behavior and support responsible caring classrooms. Both programs are coordinated through our school counselor and are supported by the classroom teachers. Classroom teachers may have their own individual classroom incentive program as well. The key is that as a school community, we are all working towards maintaining a S​afe, ​R​esponsible, ​R​espectful a​nd Caring e​nvironment for all.

    CES, like all QACPS take acts of Bullying and Harassment very seriously. Initially, the School Counselor would likely assist, but repeated acts can and will be treated within our established discipline policies. These are spelled out in the QACPS Handbook. Forms to refer acts of Bullying and Harassment are available in the Front Office, School Counselors Office or online at the QACPS Website.