You Can Be Awesome!
  • Helpful Tips for Math

    We understand that families schedules are very busy, but it is easy to practice Math in a fun way during your daily activities.  Give your child the coins from your pocket and ask them to count the change or tell how many different ways they can make a given amount of money, for example $.25.  

    Play a game of War but change the rules to make it addition.  Each player can turn over two cards and add or subtract the two numbers.  Whichever sum or difference is the highest, wins!  

    Practice addition, subtraction or even estimating as you travel in the car.  Ask questions such as, "How tall do you think the tree is?"  "The speed limit is 25 in the school zone.  It is 55 on the highway.  Which number is greater?  or What is the difference between those two numbers?"  Use the numbers you see in the world around you to make math fun and a part of daily life.


    Helpful Tips for Reading

    The best tip is to have your child read EVERYDAY!  They can read alone, to you or with you.  You can even read to them and discuss what you have read.  After reading ask questions, "how was the character feeling?  Why did they do that?  How do you know?"  Encourage your child to show you how they know the answers by finding evidence in the text.  Make it a part of the night time routine.  

    After your child has sounded out a word, have them go back and reread that part of the book or text.  Often children spend all their thoughts on decoding the word and lose the meaning of the sentence.