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    Tips for Student Success!


     Read for Success!

    • Daily reading is a key to success!  Parents can read to children, children can read to parents, or you can take turns!  Talk about your favorite parts and make predictions about what you think will happen next!   
    • Explore books!  Visiting a library or bookstore gives your child a chance to find topics and texts that interest them.  
    • Be an example - children learn by example, so let your child see you reading (and enjoying it!).
    • Build writing skills by writing letters and cards to family and friends, and encourage them to write back!
    • Read comics in the newspaper and encourage your children to create their own.  
    • Let your child write the weekly grocery list.  
    • Play word games, such as Hangman, while waiting at the doctor's office or in a restaurant.  

     Build Math Skills!

    • Students need regular practice with basic math facts.  “Fact fluency” helps students develop a greater number sense.  Simple fact cards are useful, and there is a wide array of online games and activities to help students master their facts. 
    • Playing board games can help support students' use of math skills!  Yahtzee, Connect Four, Candy Land, and Monopoly are just a few!
    • Talk about the calendar with your child.  Discuss how many days are left until a certain event, and which day of the week it will fall on.  
    • Help develop money sense by playing "store" with your child.  
    • Help your child learn to tell time by incorporating the clock into your daily schedule.  Create a poster with the name of each routine and a picture of what the clock looks like at that time.